Music at your Fingertips

mp3 Manager   +   Jukebox   +   Network Audio Streaming   +   Remote Control

fatTony the (invisible) mp3 server
Coolplayer, an excellent mp3 player
fatPlayer, a client to remote control fatTony

fatPocket for PocketPC 2003 and higher
this is also a client to remote control fatTony
fatManager, manages mp3 files and creates databases for fatTony

Icecast, a very good streaming server. fatTony streams songs via Icecast.

What is fatTony?

fatTony is a collection of software for:

Except Coolplayer and Icecast, the programs were created by me. Coolplayer and Icecast are free Open Source programs.

Is it for free?

No, it isn't. It took me thousands of hours to put everything together, so I decided to make it Donationware. This means, if you are using this software for a period longer than 30 days, you are obliged to make a donation. The amount you donate is up to you.

If you say to yourself: "Hey, another idiot who gives away his software without copy-protection - I will not pay for it!", then you are right. Because you MAKE me the idiot by thinking in this way. But it will not work. If there are not enough people donating, I will close this website and fatTony will not be maintained or improved.
Please feel invited to demonstrate that you are a social competent human being, and make a donation.

Donate now:

Online Help

fatPlayer and fatPocket


fatManager - mp3 manager, can be run standalone
fatTony - streaming server, requires fatManager to create mp3 databases
fatPlayer - Windows client for remote controlling fatTony (requires fatTony)
fatPocket - PocketPC client for remote controlling fatTony (requires fatTony)


I can be reached by e-mail, but remove the "anfk" in front of it. It was added to avoid spam bots harvesting this e-mail address.
I have not much time, so please understand, if I don't reply to your e-mail.

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